RPM IS REALLY EASIER THAN BIKE Inspired by the sport of bicycle racing, RPM uses simulation of climbing and sprints in exercises where you control its intensity

RPM ™ is an indoor group cycling exercise where you control its intensity. Fun, low impact and burns lots of calories.

With great music and a compact pedaling group, your instructor takes you on a hill climb, sprint, and pedaling trip on a flat road. In RPM exercises, you repeatedly reach the top of your cardio then go back down, continue pedaling with the group to improve your self-performance and your cardio fitness.

RPM is an amazing way to build your sense of self-achievement. You can tap into group energy and find your rhythm in music. You control your own level of endurance and speed so you can build your fitness level over time. This is a journey, not a race!


  • Proven sensation of race and effects on the body.
  • Paddling in groups increases results in self.
  • Improve your aerobic fitness.
  • Burn calories and fat.
  • High cardio training created by the best experts in the world


Your instructor will show you how to set your bike and all the basic cycling moves. You can start with 4 or 5 tracks and improve your own practice until you are able to take classes to finish. 


Medium – High




Cardio Stamina

Class Benefits





Fat Burning