My Name is Ade Prihanjaya and you can simply call me Ade, Back in days i used to live a fancy unhealthy lifestyle. consuming everything that i see and what i want to satisfy my greed for food which has led me serious obesity. It Was a triple digit on the weighing scale at that time.

Then i came and was introduced to FIT CLUB to gain. The right knowledge to exercise, smart nutrition and how to combine those two elements to make me stronger, healthier and leaner, amazingly within six months i lost more than 30 kg and i felt really good about myself.

With my experience from a fat boy to fit boy and a martial art silat (PERISAIDIRI) artist has made me to be a more committed and discipline person in living life. let’s work together, let me help you find that commitment and discipline to reach you goal in making you a more healthier, stronger and FITTER you and creating a new body that you carry everywhere that you would never have imagine before.

Of course it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. Hard is what makes it great,¬†Push over your limits.


  • 5 years of fitness experience
  • Less mills Body Pump instructor
  • Less mills Rpm instructor
  • Fitm malaysian trainer certification
  • Functional training specialis by APKI
  • First Aid & CPR certificate


Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructor


Weight lost, Functional training, Muay Thai Fitness


Denpasar – Bali


Indonesian, English


5 years


Muay Thai Work Out




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